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next night

Last night ended so oddly. I could see the wolf coming out of Oz but all of suddenly he made a quick excuse to leave. I watched him go and walked home alone. The next day, I was still confused about what I learned about him and wanted to talk to him. I couldn't find him at all. That evening I went to the forest because I knew that sometimes he went there.

As I approached there, I saw a large furry form that howled in the shadows. It was a large grey wolf. Was it Oz, I wondered. All sudden the wolf sprinted toward me with a predatory look in his eye. I sheik and ran the other direction. This couldn't be Oz, he wouldn't try to eat me.. would he? The wolf cut my path toward the city park. With all the adrenaline I could muster, I scaled over the chain fence into the utility shed area. The large canine barreled through the locked gate and cornered me. I grabbed a rake for some defense but the large beast jumped and pinned me down.

The wolf stopped and ran toward the park. I got up slowly, very baffled to what had happened. With strange curiosity, I followed him. The wolf had found Ariel and pounced on her. I heard her say, "Hello, love". The wolf was licking her and showing affection. As I approach, it had a protective stance and growled. Ariel's tank top exposed a tatoo over her shoulder that said OZ. My heart sank.

" What is going on? He tried to eat me." I was making a connection between Ariel and my Oz.

"He was only playing" she responded while petting the wolf.

" Chasing sticks is play, he was attacking me." My eyes kept on her tatoo. " Is he your pet?" I was hoping that he was just an oversize dog.

" Oz?! Nah, he used to be. Now he is a free guy" she said casually. My face dropped, I was surprised it didn't hit the floor. She and Oz used to have something special. Why else would she have a tatoo on her shoulder. The wolf absolutely adored her.

"Why did he attack me? He loved you..." I stammered out. She quickly explained that they were once an item but him moving broke them up. She didn't know they were going to be in the same city but it seemed that he had moved on. I could tell she still had feelings for him. I was getting upset by this situation and my resentment for her was growing.I did the jealous girlfriend thing and staked my claim & love for him.

"You have him already.." she muttered. I stared at her. We were both hurting.. I didn't know what to do as I watched the wolf chase a rabbit playfully around the park path. I didn't have anymore words for her... I turned to leave... I knew in my heart, if she challenged me I would fight.
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