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Ariel called me up and asked me to meet her at Sunnydale’s ice rink.
The first 20 minutes there with her were filled with comments turned sexual, teasing.
She couldn’t escape what was really on her mind though.
“… But old loves die hard…”
She still loved me.
I asked her if I could talk about Willow around her, she said she was fine with it, but she really wasn’t.
“Hey, if you can’t talk to your best friend about your girl who can you talk to?”
I told her how I feel about Willow, that I was falling in love.
But the big thing I needed her advice with was “Do I tell Willow I’m a werewolf?” It was easy with Ariel because she’s a demon, but Willow’s not.
“She doesn’t know? You should tell her, she’ll question why you’re never around those days, might get messy after a while"
I don’t have to wolf, but Ariel shot me down when I put up that idea.
"Well like i said, if she truly loves you she'll accept it..... i did"
With a kiss on the cheek we ended our night.
I went back to the forest, kinda to think this all through. Not just the how am I going to tell Willow I’m a wolf situation but Ariel and I.
I got side tracked when I saw a shooting star, 3 of them in a minute.
So at 3 am I came into Ariel’s room through her window and shook her lightly waking her up.
“I wanna show you something.”
So I took her back to the forest and we sat up on a hill.
“You told me you’ve never seen one before.”
“I haven’t and it is but I’m also sitting here half asleep in my boxers and tank top…but thank you.”
“You look great.”
We stayed there for the rest of the night, she used my jacket as her pillow and I used her stomach.

I told Willow I was a werewolf, bad timing because it was under the full moon and I felt myself changing.
"W..ww...www..wolf?! With the fur and the teeth , all grrrr . But you are good one right.. a werewolf? You wouldn't hurt anything? I mean I have seen vampires and a few odd things, but you are good right?"
As Oz I wouldn’t hurt her but I wish I could promise her that it would be the same under the full moon.

The next night, the second moon, I went to the woods alone.
I completely changed. No part of what I changed into was me, that’s why I stayed so far out and away from everything.
I don’t know what happened but I woke up to the sun rising through the window of Ariel’s bed room.
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