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I went to school happier than I have been in a while. It was nice to start the day with Oz's kisses. I really appreciated that he came over to apologize and that we could seriously talked. Even though we have huge differences, in my heart of hearts, I will love him no matter what happens. I raced to school and was only like ten minutes late. The teachers let me slide since I usual am the perfect student. I talked to Isis a little bit in English class and said hi to Riley in the tutor lounge. I haven't seen them around but they have been very busy with each other. I saw Ariel go into the woman's room, I'd like to avoid her for a while. To avoid any confrontation as possible.

During lunch, I happen to bump into Buffy. It was really nice to see her, however it seemed she had a lot on her mind. We had light chat about classes and up-coming tests. I told her I was going to be the computer lab assistant next quarter. I wanted to spill everything what has happened to me. If anyone would understand, she would. We agreed to meet up after school at the Espresso Pump for some catching up.

My advanced Trig class was canceled so I wandered over to the library. I found a section of books in the farthest part of the library that were particularly intriguing. There were books of magicks that seem to stem from thousands of years. They concentrated from elemental to astro-physical. There was texts about dimensional powers to earthly wiccan forces to source within. The librarian knows I am good for them so I checked out a few by myself. It could be like a science project because I scanned the techniques and they were similar to chemistry, however the ingredients are a little harder to find. Perhaps I'll start at the beginning like a floating pencil.

After school, I stopped over to Oz's locker and gave him his daily 3 o'clock kiss and headed out to the Espesso Pump.
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