Willow Rosenberg (x_porthos_x) wrote in vampires_in_luv,
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To the Magic Shoppe...

Oz -"Sure."
I had an order I should check on anyways. Shantou -guy that tought me how to conrol the wolf- shipped me things I would need that I could only get on the black market.

We both got up from the table and put our empty coffee mugs to the coffeebar. As we walked out of Espesso Pump, Oz carried my books and with his other hand held mine. We strolled slowly down the boulvard as we turned to where my neighborhood was. There were the stereotypically fine manicured lawns and the blue shuttered houses. Some kids were playing in the street with a nerf football and almost hit Oz's head. He gracefully caught it with one hand and through it to them. Reached my house, said hello to my parents and placed my books upstair but remembering to right down the ingrediants for the spell I wanted to learn.

Oz and I headed to the Magic shoppe as he lead the way. It was about in the corner of main street and looked like a typical New Age shoppe, but Oz assured me the important items were in the back. The shoppe bell rings as he holds the door and we enter...
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