Harmony (betterthanyou00) wrote in vampires_in_luv,

Hey shayness! *kisses* the rest of the guys are in here..well Arie and Kevin are, we can't find Nick, he might be in class. We were looking over the journals, since my internet seems to be the only one that works. Let me know if we should do anything okies? They can always type it on a floppy and have me post it. Our internet's being all wonky. Aim wont even work! How weird is that? :) But I'm here to offer my services darling. *kiss kiss* Oof, Arie left to go to art, she remembered she was late.

Lol Kevin says it's his new dell, and that he's married to me now, only he didn't ask me, so I'm going ot snub him and pretend I love someone else! *grins* well Shayness, just let me know ok precious?
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