Samantha (sweetjayguitar) wrote in vampires_in_luv,

Willow and I have been living in love. Words of affection exchanged, and every moment indulged in sweet kisses. We’ve never gone much further then that though. Not that I don’t love her, but I want to wait.
She’s been playing with magic’s, not exactly behind her friends back, just that she hasn’t told her best friend what’s been going on. Wouldn’t want the slayer thinking she conjuring black magic with the wolfie when it’s just simple sorcery and only me.
It’s been fun though; we’ve gotten past the floating pencil and into the fun stuff. Some of the things I already knew and some of them were new to me.
It’s been fun, not like the time consuming magic I have to do each week.
I hate that, for a day or two each week I have to be away from her, to go into the woods practicing control. With Ariel I never remembered having to take time off to do that.
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