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The audience was enjoying the music but I don’t know what went through my
mind but I just wanted to push it a little bit further.
The siren’s note projected through the microphone and amplifiers
subliminally heard by the crowd and after that not one guy was looking
anywhere but towards the stage. I absorbed all the attention and the smile
on my face widened as I continued to sing. After the last song they begged
for more and we gave into their wishes and played till the club closed.
We cased the equipment and carried them to the cars. On our last trip out
when all we had in hand was either cords or drumsticks a lady stopped us at
the back door.
She was dressed in a dark professional looking suit, “You guys were good.
And I take it because of the location of where your playing that you
haven’t yet signed onto a contract with any major companies yet. How would
you guys like to be represented by Virgin Records?”
Tony lifted my jaw when it fell, “What records?”
“Here’s my card.” She handed each of us the virgin’s card with what
I assume to be her name and number typed at the bottom. “Call me tomorrow
afternoon, I’ll be in LA. We’ll disuses where you’re going.”
All of us were to in shock that we didn’t get any other words in before
she left, just stood at the cards our eyes wide. Then the shocked expression
turned into a grin, and there was jumping and hugging, a couple of happy
screams as well. As soon as we got home I got into my car and rushed over to see Devon to tell him the news.
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