Willow Rosenberg (x_porthos_x) wrote in vampires_in_luv,
Willow Rosenberg

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Waiting for Oz

Things have been really great between Oz and I. I do miss him terribly when he has to go in the woods for wolfing out or magick therapy. I did hear about Ariel's good fortune in LA and I am happy for her.

Everything else in my life seems to be going alright, schoolwork, tutoring. But I am getting so captivated in my magick studies. Oz has been helping me and teaching me what he knows which is terrific. I have been researching stronger and wilder magick. Perhaps I can start expanding my practice to bigger rituals. Right now, I look to the clock and count the seconds till I get to see him. I know he wants to wait for 'you know' but funny thing is the harder it is for me to wait. *laughs*
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