Samantha (sweetjayguitar) wrote in vampires_in_luv,

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Sweet Seduction is playing in Big Bear tonight, another sold out concert but I got tickets through my job at the radio station, my own booth as well. The stations hosting a couple drawings for a few free prizes.
I walked around the concert grounds were there were venders selling her CD’s, signed photos and tee shirts. Nothing says you’re famous like product.
It was still early; opening acts for opening acts were playing on the side stage and the people walked around. I got in back stage through my all access pass that I got through the station.
I walked through the back stage halls, a lot of people were back there as well, fans, other bands, security, I managed to blend in.
Found her in her room wither door open.
I leaned against the doorframe. “Well look whose a rock star.”
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